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Are you Planning to buy a property in Bangalore?

Know the difference between BBMP, BMRDA & BDA

BBMP - The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)

Founded on 27 March 1862 its the fourth largest Municipal Corporation in India, with a range coverage of over 741 km2. The coverage range has evolved constantly in the last few decades. The Head office is based in Bangalore in Hudson Circle Bangalore.

BBMP is run by a group of Corporators from each Ward or Locality in Bangalore, BBMP sits at the third level of hierarchy preceded by the State Government and Central government respectively.

The Role of BBMP

The primary role of BBMP is to control and regulate the orderly development of Bangalore City, it plays a key role in building regulations, trade and education, health and hygiene licensing, and it also has a key role in controlling the health and hygiene of public spaces such as water bodies, greenery, lakes & parks in city limits. BBMP has 8 zones and each is administered by a zonal commissioner.

Key Role - BBMP works closely with BDA to collect property tax.

BMRDA - Bengaluru Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA)

The Government of Karnataka created BMRDA in 1985

The key role of BMRDA

Planning & coordinating & supervising the orderly development of Bangalore metropolis.

  • BMRDA - does not have any power to acquire land.

  • BMRDA plays a key role in executing the changes in urban development policies.

  • It aids the planning authority i.e BDA.

Note to Property Buyers in Bangalore - Its important to recheck when you come

across the tagline "Approved by BMRDA" on advertising put up by the developers

BMRDA has very little to do with the layout.

Senior BMRDA Official quote " Property buyers should realize that approval should come from BDA and not BMRDA.

BDA - Bangalore Development Authority

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) came into being with effect from 6th January 1976 under a separate Act of the State Legislature viz. the BDA Act 1976. This Authority combined in itself the Planning functions of the City Planning Authority and the developmental functions of the erstwhile CITB

The Primary Goal of BDA is to make Bengaluru an ideal global destination with high-quality infrastructure, and a better quality of life by ensuring sustainable and planned development based on effective monitoring, and regulation, through a participatory and innovative approach.

Key Functions

  • Allotment of sites, houses, CA sites, and their post allotment work

  • Execution of various developmental schemes in the layouts and also the construction of infrastructure works.

  • Town Planning Department is responsible for the preparation and revision of the Master Plan for the Bengaluru Metropolitan Area.

  • Issuing and maintenance of Khata

Benefits of Khata Document

  • Applicable to residents in bengaluru

  • Evaluates the owner of the property

  • A detailed property information is recorded

  • Helps to attain trading licenses and loans

  • Is required to file property Tax

  • Is required to obtain electricity and water connections.

To Summarize: A property buyer should look and evaluate the documents issued by BDA for a property that you prefer to buy in Bengaluru. Preferably an A Khata is issued to a property that has obtained all permissions from the concerned authorities and adhered to all building bylaws and taxation standards.




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