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Housing Market Price Trends Bangalore -November 2022

Recent research on the pricing trends in the housing market in Bangalore reveals that

The metros have seen an increase in price as in the previous quarter. The Housing market has seen an increase in Price by 5% YOY

Key points to note

  • The Robust demand has led to a 5% YoY increase

  • Major cities have witnessed a dip in unsold inventory in spite of the high demand.

  • Bangalore had the steepest drop in unsold inventory at 21% YoY

As per Pan India Housing Market Trend - Bangalore has seen a 4% per SQFT YoY.

The unsold inventory in Bangalore in Q2 was 7%.

The housing prices in Quarter 2 of 2022 have surpassed pre-pandemic levels indicating great demand, on an average the residential price has risen 5% YoY, and Bangalore has witnessed the highest YoY of 21% in unsold inventory, which about 93% under construction projects

The marginal increase of 4% has made the current pricing highest in the last three years, and the city's unsold inventories are continuously falling since the beginning of 2019. Peripheral and outer East Bangalore is where unsold inventory is in abundance.

North Bangalore has seen an increase of 17%

Periphery and Outer East have seen an increase of 4-10%


While the research shows Bangalore has seen a dip in the unsold inventory of 21%, most of these are under-construction properties, while the demand is also at the highest in certain areas of Bangalore, this also indicates that the right time to invest in real estate is now.




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