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New Trends In Women Home Buyers

As women empowerment is at an all-time high, they are well informed about the taxation benefits, and many working women are now moving towards considering Real Estate as a stable financial investment.

As we are now reaching Endemic & the fear of COVID is now phasing off slowly, The property pricing and the loan interest rates and other factors that were all-time high pre covid is now changed, There is a current dip of ten percent in the interest rates for home loans, this one key factor has lead many possible homebuyers to shift on higher gears to fulfill their goal to own their dream home.

The economic & social status and primarily the sense of security a home brings are incomparable. Many working women have realized the potential and are now proud homeowners. This includes the category of home buyers who have pre-booked / booked their dream home during the Covid outbreak when even a site visit could lead to Covid contact.

Today's women show immense desirability towards financial Independence, It makes a better lifestyle & definitely a sense of Security. An aspirational lifestyle for them and their family by achieving their "Dream Home" they ensure every detail is captured in their desired dream home. They are a critical part of the home-buying decision-making process, there has been a steady growth of working women turning out to be home-buyers.

A recent survey showcases the women customer desire for homeownership, which was 57 percent pre-Covid, 62 percent during the end of the first wave of Covid 2020, during the endemic it's 64 percent.

Women are also considering the benefit of Investment appreciation and also the factor of Rental income, as work from home will still stay on till the end of 2022, extended homes that also have a work space have made the opportunity more lucrative.

What More?

Most of the leading financial institutions have offered discounted interest rates

for women home-buyers, the lower rates will further translate to a reduction in monthly EMI. This will be a larger saving on interest payouts when the tenure of the loan is considered.

The stamp duty charges are lower if property registration is executed by women in Maharashtra, most of the states are also following a similar approach. The Government's flagship scheme Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) which is designed to empower women (read more)



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