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PREFAB HOMES - Is It Worth The Investment?

In this article we try to cover the topic of Prefab home and if its worth the investment, the time taken to construct, the quality, and the laws applicable.

What are Prefab homes?

Prefab or Prefabricated homes - These are preferred to the structures that are constructed off-site in a factory and are moved to the site location and then assembled as per requirement. They include homes that are mobile or Transportable homes. The structure is created in sections and can be placed on a foundation laid at the site.

Pre Fab homes In India

While this concept has been existing from a very in the western countries, India is soon catching up with this trend as there are a number of vendors and construction specialists who deal with this format of housing.

What are the prerequisites for a prefab home?

Well the most basic is, you own the site and decide with the specialist on the plan of the structure and also parallelly work with the local bodies to adhere to the construction norms

Visit the below link to understand the Indian Regulations for Prefab homes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Prefab Home?


1. Saves construction time

2. Cost-effective

3. Reduces ecological pressure

4. Freedom to incorporate your design language

5. Reducing carbon footprint

6. Can be converted to a sustainable living home

7. You can live off the Grid

8. Room for improvement and expansion.


1. Quality issues and maintenance

2. Planning Process

3. Assembling issues

To Summarize

A Prefab involves extensive research with regard to the topography of the Site,

and well-planned process, legal compliance, and quality assurance, these key factors hold the key to a well-built and executed prefab architecture that you can call home for years to come.



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